Cycling around Qinghai Lake

The words below were written in Chinese four years ago. Since this assignment focus on website design but not writing, I used Google Translate translating them, and I hope it’s OK. Only this page, the words on other pages were written by me in English.

After the rain, Xining gave me the feeling of cool, cool air, green mountains, spring water flowing from the heights, and the mood became clear and clear. The eclipse of the Sun Moon Mountain, the mountain is like a green velvet carpet, the golden rapeseed and the unknown purple flower are full of color like a natural oil painting. The cattle, the sheep, the beekeeping are both the life of the locals and the scenery in the eyes of the tourists. Of course, the beauty of the scenery, how hard it is to ride. It was light rain in the morning, rainy and hail in the evening, and the highest altitude was 3,250m. I could still be stupid and happy in my heart.



A gentleman who is so enthusiastic to be embarrassed to say it is a problem. Indeed, I have met many interesting people and tricky things these days. At the age of 70, he also rides the grandfather of Qinghai Lake. The pulley slides to the schoolmaster of Lhasa, a lovely and unreasonable Tibetan. After the first time, a person took a large truck, and when the mold arrived, the car was broken.  Thanks to the support and help of my teammates, although I am very sorry about the impact on you, but the people together feel that there is enough bottom gasification unfortunately for a turn. Oh, it seems that my riding is exceptionally rich and rich.


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