W2- Critique of Seven Days of Heroin

Actually, I don’t think Seven Days of Heroin is brilliant in digital aspects, but it is a great and thought-provoking investigative journalism work.  A lot of digital media coverage presented by New York Time and the Guardian are much better than it.  However, the use of timeline, graphic and video in this work makes the coverage vivid and easy to digest.

I think the use of interactive design, short cartoon film and various of graphics in news coverage are very impressive, because they make things easy to understand, fresh to audience, and can help the news reading process more time-effectively.  However, to media company, doing these requires a lot of resources.

The project reminds me of the change of media industry and the tendency of digitalization. Whatever the topic or stylistic is, news producers are trying to use digital tools to improve their works.

By Yunjia


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