W3- Critique of Make It Stop

What are the digital strengths of this project?

I think the strengths of this project is that it vividly visualized numbers. For example, readers would have no idea about what a huge difference it is, if they read sentences like this, “The Boston Public School system’s 2015 budget was $975 million while the 2015 revenue from manufacturing guns and ammunition was $15 billion.”

However, readers would realize how serious the gun control problem is when they see two circles with different size symbolizing “$975 million” and “$15 billion”.

In most time, our rational analysis is not as strong as our perceptual analysis. Visualized data can give readers sensory stimuli, and help them to understand the meaning behind the data.


What digital aspects would you approach differently? Why?

I would put a video under the profile of six senators. The video is collection of their speeches about gun control in public places. This can make the main idea of this project more supported.


What connections can you draw between this project’s composition and the themes we’ve read about/discussed so far?

It reminds me of two opinions of a reading material, which is “data journalism is a way to see things you might not otherwise see, and can provide independent interpretation of official information.” Data is not cold evidence, but becomes thought provoking messages.


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