W4-Critique of a NYT’s work

The project is highly based on several academic studies, which I believe, it’s an unusual but impressive way to cover some complicated social problems.

The first advantage is the dynamic charts, which vividly show the different changes happened on white and black boys over time.

Color is another advantage. Light blue and yellow are main colors of the charts, making the page clean and fresh. On the contrary, the main colors of the charts in those related studies are dark red, green and purple, which is not very good-looking. I think journalists should make their works look smart. Good designs promote content while bad designs devalue content.

Also, some important points on the charts are highlighted to help readers understand the meaning of the charts, such as “same average income” and “same incarceration rate.”

What’s more, the charts and the text help each other properly in the coverage. The charts show facts; the text explain and introduce the purpose of the survey.

However, I think the problem of the coverage is it is too long, and some readers don’t have patience to finish it. If the journalists put several subheadlines cutting the long passage into short ones, I believe, it would be better.


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