W9-Critique of the work about Biles

I think three factors make this work really impressive.

First, everything (every video clip, every piece of text and even the background music) is carefully selected. It is like a movie trailer packing all the most attractive moments in just one minute. I believe the journalist must have had an interview with Simone Biles’s coach for more than ten minutes, but only selected one golden quote and dropped all the rest part. Cameramen must have shot Biles for hours, but only selected three to four most amazing moves.  I think that is the most important reason that this work is so impressive.

Second, I’m not sure what kind of technique it is, but it visualizes and analyzes Biles’s complicated move, making it easy for readers to understand. It slows down Biles’s signature move and uses white lines to lead readers’ eyes. Readers can totally appreciate Biles’s signature move only when they can see it clearly.

Third, this work combines different media formats, including video, text, audio and visualization, which make the content rich and interesting. Readers would not get bored when they go through the work.


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