W10-Critique of ” The Wall”

In a news producer’s perspective, I think “The Wall” is a quite good work. I can see the hard work by the team. They have produced the most current map of current fencing along the border by flying and driving the entire 2,000 miles. They even put important spots on contour lines, which is very professional.

For me, the most convincing part is the work shows the border is not fenced in a long distance and in some places fence cannot stop crossers but only vehicles, because I can see the photos of places without fence and their concrete locations on the map.

Besides, the story about how they made the digital map is useful for other journalists.

However, in a reader’s perspective, I feel the usage of VR is a little unnecessary. Most readers are not curious about the views along the border, which is not good-looking or important to them. What audience do care about are: Should we build a wall on the border? Is Trump’s plan practical? What’s influence of building such a wall? The current situation about the border and crossers?  “The Wall” did not arouse much of my interest, but it seems a good guide book for Mexican crossers in finding the best route to cross the border.

In a word, I think the attempt to make an interactive map is groundbreaking, but the central point of this work does not interest people.






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