W11-Critique of “All Work. No Pay.”

I think “All Work. No Pay.” is a great work. It uncovered a conspiracy and fought for the marginal group——drug offenders in rehabs. Although these people made some mistake, they still have their legal rights.

There is some good stuff, but I don’t think its digital part is very strong. The comic on Instagram largely lower the seriousness, but generally it is a good try to publish serious news on Instagram and reach more readers. I think they should put a link to the website of the story on Instagram.


As for the website, the front page is vivid. The background is the chicken plant in black and white filter, showing where the story happened. And there is a man’s back in the middle. His yellow overall strongly contrasts with the dark background, conveying the message that it is a sad story.

The short film of a defendant’s desperate face is so real and impressive. The pictures are good, showing the outlook of the rehab facilities. However, it would be more convincing if they were able to shoot the horrible working environment inside the factories. I think the journalist might have difficulties to do that.

I think the strong part of this work is its comprehensive investigation. By interviewing scores of former participants, employees, court officials and so on, the journalists of the Reveal totally unearthed the story and narrate it clearly to the public. I want to emphasize “former” here. I think it is a good strategy when taking investigation. Normally, the current participants do not want to talk worrying about jeopardizing their own profits, but the former participants are more likely to talk.


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