W10-Critique of Coverage about Midterm

As an international student, I’m not quite familiar with the Midterm Election, many digital works with cool graphs seem a little hard for and cannot grab me at a first glance, and my favorite coverage is a picture journalism by The New York Times.


There are 103 photos capturing important moments and people’s feelings from Florida to California, Arizona to Virginia. The timeline of the pictures is from Nov. 7 to Nov. 2, with one or two sentences to explain each picture. It gives me a comprehensive image of the Midterm Election, including supporters campaign seriously, vote with upset, celebrate excitedly, how candidates rallied with voters and so on.

All the pictures are beautiful. The lighting is good. And I can see cameramen made adequate preparation. They could capture the dynamic moments because they know what would happen next.

Besides, I really appreciate they mainly focused on ordinary voters but not candidates to show average Americans’ feelings in the election. In many pictures about rally, they just shot the back of well-know people, like senator candidates, governor candidates, President Trump and Former President Obama, and focused on the expressions and gestures of voters.



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